Art from the vending machine: Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen hosts affordable art exhibition The Vending Machine Art Gallery focused on diversity

Andy Warhol was the first to use Coca-Cola bottles or Campbell soup cans into art – but what if you can’t get Roy Lichtenstein or James Pollock image to decorate your home with? Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen backs up the concept of selling art using the vending machine to support young talented artists and make good art affordable. The Vending Machine Art Gallery opens tomorrow and will be hosted in this popular local spot for three months.

vending machine art gallery hoxton

How does it work? The exhibition is interactive, and celebrates the melange of great art and pop-culture. You start with looking at the pieces on the gallery walls. If you like something, you just put money in the vending machine to buy it. And it’s affordable, too – the prices start at £20.

The Vending Machine Art Gallery worked with over 35 up-and-coming artists. Each of them brings a fresh outlook and a new perspective to curate a project that is Celebrating Multiculturalism this year. It doesn’t aim at your average gallery crowd either: it aims for accesibility instead.

The events of the past year, one of the most difficult the young generation has ever seen, inspired the exhibition. The geopolitical state of the world is in transformation. Syrian crisis and the Middle East problems fuel a massive refugee dispute that keeps on dividing societies. National identities change and solidify, too; it caused the UK to fuel the isolationism backed by the Brexit vote. That’s why many members of this melting pot of cultures started to wonder what it means to be British.

Pondering over the role of immigration and multi-culturalism in British creativity, the display explores and celebrates cross-cultural inspirations drawn from the everyday life.

Whose art can we see? The list includes CROK – Graffiti Style legend, Anna Laurini – street artist from East London, Kieron Livingstone – the former Zoltar the Magnificent designer, Sam Cotton – a member of Agi & Sam design duo, and Hatch – the winner of 2016 Secret Walls.

The Vending Machine Art Gallery. Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NU. Open 25th of January – 25th of March 2017. Free admission.

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