Small space decorating ideas: how to make your small room look more homely?

Trying to adjust to your new lifestyle in halls, or moved to a small room? If you wonder how to find ideas for small spaces, look no further – it’ll take just a few changes to make your own space feel much more homely. Get inspired by a few small space decorating ideas on a budget!

small space decorating ideas on a budget - bedroomThink about what you can change

If you can’t make any big adjustments to the place you’re living in, start from the smallest things you can change. Pick pretty covers for your bed and throw in some lovely cushions. Arrange a few candles on the windowsill. Change curtains. Surround yourself with the things that you really like – they help to make a statement, and create a sense of personal style even if you can’t change the furniture or repaint the walls…

Light it up

small space decorating ideas on a budgetWell-lit spaces make a massive difference to our productivity. Isn’t it easier to wake up in the morning when your surroundings are bright? Let as much light in as possible – and after the darkness falls, switch on a pretty table lamp, or hang a set of fairy lights around. They will make the place much more cosy and warm!

Choose the right colours

small space decorating ideas on a budget - accessories

Did anybody say relax? If you want to come to rest and enjoy a good night’s sleep, pick the accessories you buy in blue – this colour has been proven to reduce blood pressure and slow the heart rate. Mint green will also have a positive effect on your chill time. Generally, light colours help make the room more spacious, so use them generously if you want to create an illusion of big space. If your bedroom is also you’re the place you work in, think of purple things to surround yourself with – it’s a stimulating colour that encourages your creativity. On the other hand, if your bedroom is white and you want to get rid of the “clinical coldness”, experiment with a colour that pops out – wine red, electric blue, vivid orange.

Declutter and pick the right storage solution

Decluttering and deciding what to throw away seems to be the hardest move ever – but just until you see how much space you gained, and how commodious your room has become. If something just takes space and you know you won’t use it anymore, don’t leave it there forever. For all the things you need to keep, pick elegant storage boxes to hide under the bed and in the wardrobe. It will be easier to keep the room without the unnecessary mess, and all your things will be suddenly easier to find. You might think of putting labels (or pictures) on the boxes to make them easily identifiable. For your desk, get a document organiser – a cheap one from Poundland will be enough if you know how to decorate it to make it prettier.

Become a DIY pro

small space decorating ideas on a budget - craftyNot everyone can afford IKEA-esque design – and everybody likes to own something unique. This is where DIY comes in handy: with a little help from colourful tape, ribbons and everyday items, you can transform almost everything into something decorative. Grab a nice glass bottle, remove the labels, and place some translucent Paperchase stickers to make it a flower vase. Take a bit of wire, a few strings, a couple of sea shells and transform it into a pretty mobile. Transform a tin into a container to organise your stationery with a bit of spray paint. Take a huge piece of sponge, stick it to the bottom of a box, and use it to store your earrings. Glue beads and shells to an ordinary frame to completely change how it looks. The possibilities are almost endless if you’re creative. Get crafty!


Add a personal touch to your environment by printing out your photos, or pick a poster with your favourite quotes. Try using blutack to hang them on the doors and furniture,  or secure a bit of laundry drying wire, wrapping it around four command hook hacks to clip your photographs and create a gallery taken out of Max’s (Life is Strange, anybody?) dorm room!

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