Short film to watch: Jodeb’s Learn: First World Problems

Quebec-based artist Jonathan Desbiens, widely known as Jodeb, examines how much damage ratty words can bring in his poignant short film. He analyses their impact on our creativity, but also poses a question if competitiveness is anything else than a titular first world problem.

Talking about their superior, the youngsters exchange biting remarks that overwhelm the unnamed fashion designer. The voices of the overheard conversation don’t leave; instead, they fuel the insecurities and push the heroine to create something she’s never done before.

His take on the rat race makes us think of the place that insecurities have in the creative process, and their impact on the outcome. And the dress-cum-installation used in the crucial scene is particularly symbolic: the strings hold our heroine up, but also suffocate her; they spring from different places across the room, but they all meet in one place that points to the designer.

But the short is also a careful generational gap observation. Here, the youthful lack of humility (and possibly experience) tied together with the abundance of creativity opposes the feelings of being worn out, striving to innovate and to exceed expectations. The cool, young group is opposed by a single designer who strives for acceptance.

Stunningly shot, with carefully selected colour palette and accompanied by an ambient, atmospheric soundtrack from Kroy, Learn: First World Problems is a poignant, skillfully crafted story rich with metaphors.

The award-winning filmmaker is widely known for his music videos. He worked on music videos for London Grammar, Imagine Dragons, Skillrex, and many more artists.

jonathan desbiens learn


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