In Cinemas This Week: Spike Lee’s Cannes Grand Prix winner, a boy with a wolf and a court battle to save a life

This week brings us a handful of exciting releases – from Spike Lee’s Cannes Grand Prix winner and a moving story based on Ian McEwan’s book to a story of domesticating a wild animal with a personal twist. What’s in cinemas this week?

in cinemas this week august 2018


Set in the Ice Age, Alpha is a heartfelt story of a friendship between a human and an animal – a story of dog domestication that gets away from history textbooks to deliver a truly personal story! When a boy is presumed dead after a wild animal drags him to the edge of a cliff and left behind by his tribe, he needs to fight on his own to survive. On a quest to get back home, he makes an unlikely friend – a wolf – who joins him on the journey back to his family.

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 The Children Act

Based on a book by Ian McEwan (Atonement, On Chesil Beach), The Children Act takes us into the world of the High Court judge (Emma Thompson) who faces one of the toughest decisions of her career. As the parents of a teen with cancer refuse to accept the transfusion for religious reasons, the verdict falls on her – but the doubts are ever-present for everyone involved.


Spike Lee (She’s Gotta Have It, Malcolm X) returns with a new joint, and he’s as good as ever! In the Seventies’ Colorado Springs, Ron becomes a first black man to join the local police force. Tired of the racism from his colleagues he faces in the archive room, he asks for something more ambitious. Moved to an investigative department, he tricks a member of the local Ku Klux Klan and begins to dismantle the local branch with the help of his colleague Flip.

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The character from your worst nightmares reappears on the big screen in the story for the modern times. When three girls go online to awake Slenderman – a thin, horrifying creature without a face – they don’t expect that one of them will disappear on a school trip just a few days after. Determined to find her, they soon find that the monster might, in fact, be real…

Bad Samaritan

David Tennant plays a burglar who discovers a terrified woman as he breaks into the home of his target. After notifying the police, the psychopath who chained and gagged her turns his attention to the robber, starting a pursuit after the man who’s desperate to save his victim.

Luis and the Aliens

If you’re looking for a family-friendly fare, the story of a little boy who makes friends with adorable aliens after their spaceship crashes into his house might be the right fit. The creatures ask Luis to find some home-shopping things they came to the Earth for, and they’re eager to return the favour – if he does, they’ll save him from the dreaded boarding school…


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