Do better in job search: 80% of bosses would hire a prospective candidate who volunteered

You’ve thrown your academic cap in the air, you’re holding onto a certificate, you’ve polished your CV for the ninety-second time. Or maybe you’re just about to start the second semester at uni on your way to graduation, or you’re thinking about the future. What to do to make yourself more employable? Stand up for a cause, according to a new research.

volunteering in london job prospects

A survey of 500 employers from various professional sectors conducted by One Poll for Oxfam reveals that the managers believe volunteers have developed excellent soft skills, work well in a team, put more work in and keep themselves motivated better. The charity which relies on 22,000 volunteers to staff its UK shops and speaks against the poverty revealed that volunteering gives the applicants a significant CV boost.

The study revealed that a whopping 80 percent of employers are more likely to hire an applicant who volunteered before. Out of all the bosses who took part in the study, more than 80 percent see volunteers as better quality job candidates. Three-quarters of them say that if they had to choose between two identical candidates, they’d rather choose somebody who had a chance to give a bit of their time to something they believe in.

What are the reasons behind that? Those who made decisions about hiring claimed that they appreciate volunteer’s abilities to get on with different people and experience of various processes and duties at diverse organisations. They’ve also claimed that they’re impressed by candidates who make a change by taking the matters into their own hands and doing something positive to support the cause they feel strongly about.

“This new research is proof volunteering massively boosts a person’s employability, making volunteering a really positive choice for anyone wanting to change jobs or progress their career. Each Oxfam shop relies on its team of volunteers, who work together to give customers a rewarding shopping experience – and raise money to fight extreme poverty around the world,” said Andrew Horton, Oxfam’s trading director. “Our volunteers bring a huge array of skills to the job and receive the support they need to develop new skills too. Window dressing, working behind the till, sorting donations, organising pop-up shop events, managing our social media – there are so many ways to get involved and enhance your CV at the same time,” he added.

Fancy volunteering in London? Check out your local opportunities – sometimes it takes as little as walking into a charity shop or asking in the organisations in your local area!

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